Friends and Olds Boys of OUAFC

Well its good to see that you have managed to make it to the OUAFC website. As you can probably tell its still in its early days but it has potential. Its an easy way to keep track of how the boys are going at the moment and anything else that might be going on within the club.

Hopefully, one day, may be, possibly, perhaps the boys might even start to write a few match reports – there are a couple up there so have a wee look if ya are interested.

There is a big on the go at the club, we are slowly getting ourselves kind of organised. Part of getting organised even involves trying to track down as many former players/managers/coaches etc as we can. Just because as it stands virtually no records have been kept within the club.

So the start of that process involves getting everyone who has been involved in the club at some point (no matter how recently or how long ago) to register.

Basically all registering involves is filling out a form so that the club has some contact details for you so that we can start to get something going. What “things” involves well we dont really know just yet, I guess it will depend on how many people we can track down and how quickly.

So take the couple of minutes to complete the form, once you have completed it, an advertising page will come up this has nothing to do with the club. Just click on the “Return to OUAFC home” link under the message “Thanks for Registering”.


Just click on an ad, then hit the back button, its just a couple of cents for the club

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