Social Soccer Notices

The Social Season Gets Underway...

Well, it has finally rolled around, and after many text messages, and much time sitting around waiting, I have finally managed to get sorted and paid up two teams to enter the unipol social league from our club. The teams are listed below, the Purple Kobras, Stirling's Support Crew, The Pink Flamingoes and The Elites. The draw for each week will be posted on the draws page (use the tab on the left) so keep an eye out for it.

If for some reason we don't update the draw weekly, then check out

(I'll create a hyperlink when i get a chance, got to learn how to fist, but in teh meantime please cut and paste.

T-shirts and your Stirling Sports discount cards are not far away, I will be endevouring to sort them out in the next couple of weeks for you guys.

Come join the rest of the club for a quiet drink (or two) and a feed at the Outback Bar and Bistro at 6pm every Saturday night. Listen to a short and casual speech on how all the games went on the day, and man of the match awards will also be given out. Hope to see you all there. Good luck with your games.


Team captains please get hold of your team mates to tell them what time you'll be playing and about teh drinks at the outback. Captains are in bold. Teams are as follows

Stirling's Support Crew

Haitham Al mahrouqi
Thomas Harper 0211602726
Fraser Cross 0211804683
Paul Appleyard 0274186553
Alex Deans 0274447983
Luke Roper 0274655204
Sam Fiest 0212095391
Bevan Gurr 0273239355
Ding Yan Zhang 0210562920
Ryan Mcmaster
Chris Barnett 0273133998
Daniel Leslie 0274932377

Purple Kobras

Nick Braae 027 635 2924
Sam Belton 027 210 6477
Ant Fraser 027 259 1288
Arthur Hlavac 027 424 5755
Ben Prebble 027 696 9798
Dave Morrison 027 331 8323
Ed Stace 027 268 3627
James Barnett 021 062 0171
Luke Barrington 027 631 1748
Matt Gay 027 345 3837
Thomas Lawson 027 421 0733
Sam Wilson 0276326234
Josh Bell 0273473404

Pink Flamingoes

Matt Sagar
Stefan Walker
Liam Heath
Nick Hogg
Troy Bathard
James Dalgleish
John Clemo
Doug Marschalk
Pete Archer
Nathan McKenzie
Baden Wilton

The Elites

Rajitha Gunaratne 0273198420

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